STEAM Horizon Awards purpose eligibility and winners 2018

The departments which have been covered by the STEAM Horizon Awards are high in number. The STEAM Horizon Awards are actually funded, founded and started by the Ingenium Foundation for the promotion of tech advancements of the country among the teenagers. The best part of the award for which it is highly praised is the transparency which means a lot to the nominations. The awards were started in 2016 and since then they have rapidly expanded to be one of the most prestigious awards for the Canadian youth. The youth inspiration is the only motive of the foundation and the goal behind this award started. From innovations in the field of science to culture sharing the STEAM Horizon Awards are already held in high esteem.

Purpose of the awards

The teenagers of the country are captured by the organization. These are the ones which have shown passion for the field of science practically. The awards are presented by the jury that looks over the projects submitted by the nominations. The cash award which is awarded for the post-secondary education is $25000. The Ingenium Foundation was founded in 2007 and after much research and development, STEAM Horizon Awards were originated. There are total 5 awards in total. These are presented to the youth and the organization believes that these people will become role models in their respective fields.

Eligibility for STEAM Horizon Awards

The criteria which have been set by the organization not tough and it is made this way just to make sure that everyone participates. To be eligible the participant should be a Canadian National or Permanent Resident. At the time of submission of the entry, he or she must be between 16 – 18 years of age. The STEAM related technologies must be practiced by the individual and he or she must have been recognized for that. The bright students are welcome for the awards and only those can apply who have a constant academic record of 85% or above.

Winners of STEAM Horizon Awards 2018

Cassidy Blanchard

Cassidy BlanchardShe is the first recipient of STEAM Horizon Awards in 2018. She wants to empower the young girls so that they could have rewarding careers in the STEAM technologies. She is the community leader and has actively taken part in many community initiatives which will eventually garner her positive reviews.

Ella Katelyn Chan

Ella Katelyn ChanHer brother’s Nephrotic Syndrome led her to the field of science and she is doing pharmacology from the University of British Columbia. She wants to find long-term treatment options for disease so that she can cure the patients having this disease. She also has a YouTube channel which she wants to expand to make sure that a larger audience can be reached.

Maya Cencora

Maya CencoraShe wants to stop Alzheimer and starting studying the disease from the age of 15. She wants to make sure that the disease is not spread through the body by stimulating the hormones which curb the situation. She has presented the research results in many educational fairs which have made her an active member of Alzheimer research.