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Cenovus Energy [2010]

Cenovus Energy

Cenovus Energy is the newest sponsor of the YES I Can! Science project.

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Encana Corporation [2008-2010]

Encana Corporation

The Encana Corporation is a proud sponsor of the YES I Can! Science project.

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Dow Chemical Canada Inc.[2005-2007]

Dow Corporation

Dow Chemical Canada Inc. is a proud sponsor of the YES I Can! Science project.

Through our partnerships with leading educational organizations and the involvement of our employees as volunteers, we are committed to improving students' understanding of math, science and technology. Globally we support educational initiatives, and the YES I CAN! on-line collaborative project tool provides even more exciting and creative opportunities for teachers and their students.

Using web based technology, participants from around the world can interact with scientists, engineers and mentors who push them beyond traditional forms of learning.

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Imperial Oil Charitable Foundation [1999 - 2004]

Imperial Oil

"The Imperial Oil Charitable Foundation was a proud sponsor of the project at York University for five years. Our focus is on programs that enhance math, science and technology education for Canadian school children. The project's unique, award-winning resources provide educators with the tools they need to provide a high quality experience for their students, and was therefore a perfect candidate for our sponsorship.

This simple-to-use, curriculum based resource is helping to ensure positive attitudes towards science and its use continues to grow, not just in Canada, but around the world. Imperial Oil is pleased to have been a supporter of this important project during its early years."

Barbara Hejduk, Imperial Oil Foundation

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Suncor Energy Foundation [2001 - 2004]

Suncor Energy Foundation

"The Suncor Energy Foundation proudly sponsored the website for three years. Within the energy industry, organizations such as Suncor Energy rely on people who are wel l-educated in sciences and technology. As a result, the Suncor Energy Foundation supports diverse programs that provide education in the scientific and technological fields. As one of Canada's premier educational science resources, the YES I Can! website has a significant impact on science education in Canada.

The YES I Can! team is committed to inspiring a love of science in students across the country and to providing educators with the tools they need to develop a nation of life-long learners. Supporting the project was a natural fit for our investment and our involvement."

Cathy Glover, Manager, Suncor Energy Foundation

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Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

"Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) has had a strong and active interest in promoting the importance of science and technology. Our efforts to increase science literacy among all Canadians, with a special emphasis on students and educators, has led us to seek out partnerships with quality organizations that have demonstrated their ability to deliver effective programs to key audiences. AECL's partnership with the YES I Can! project has proven to be one of the most valued initiatives that the organization has engaged in for more than decade.

The project has enabled AECL to reach out into the educational community in a manner that overshadows any other program we have undertaken. The quality of the staff, the programs they create and the knowledge they possess regarding the educational community is clearly demonstrated through the huge success of the project but perhaps more importantly by their personal commitment and dedication to providing quality, relevant, life long learning tools for students and educators. It is little wonder that the project is an internationally recognized leader among all web based learning tools. AECL is proud to be involved in this project, continues to strongly support their efforts, and encourages others to seriously consider joining this award winning team."

AECL contact: Sonja Galton, Corporate Communications, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

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Public Sector Funding



Canada's SchoolNet has been a proud supporter of the YES I Can! Science project since 1997.

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Sun Microsystems

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