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Announcement: After much reflection, and an eye to new opportunities, we are announcing the retirement of the YES I Can! Science team, and the dissolution of the YES I Can! Science project.

Words simply cannot express our thanks to the thousands of project participants - teachers, students, scientists, engineers and astronauts, for their commitment to YES I Can! Science over the past 14 years. Some of our teachers returned year after year, from the very first online project, The Devon Island Expedition with Canadian explorer Laurie Dexter, to the latest, YES I Can Work in Space. Over the past decade and a half, teachers and students have traveled the world with us, meeting scientists, engineers, and people in all aspects of education. We've had many engaging discussions, conducted some exciting experiments, and learned more from each other than we could ever have gleaned from textbooks alone. From the depths of the ocean to the heights of the International Space Station, the beauty and fragility of the South Pole to the near devastation and triumphant rebirth of Hiroshima, it has been our pleasure to accompany all of you on this incredible educational journey.

To each and every teacher who made the decision to register a class, join a discussion, ask a question, or download a resource from the database, Thank You. Likewise to each and every one of our project experts who generously gave of their time and expertise, Thank You for sharing your passion. You all have made YES I Can! Science a resounding success.

YES I Can! Science has been fortunate to have had wonderful funding partners over the years, and we would especially like to take this opportunity to thank the Community Investment group at Cenovus Energy. From the very beginning they shared our passion and enthusiasm, and understood what we were hoping to achieve with the introduction of the online collaborative projects. The success of every project speaks volumes about the commitment of Cenovus to Canadian education.

It has indeed been a pleasure to 'meet' you all, and as we head off in new directions, it will be with fond memories of the truly unique learning experiences we shared.

The YES I Can! Science Team
Susan Stiff, Dr. Tom Stiff, Diane Hammond

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